Social Responsibility

Given that we are a Group which is predominantly into education, social responsibility is at the core of our existence. After all, we are in the business of unlocking potential, empowering young lives, and transforming the future. Over the last four decades in the education space, our conviction in the principle that education is a powerful tool for positive social change has only strengthened. We are certain that education goes beyond the classroom, and as stewards of the teaching-learning processes, we have a huge responsibility to the communities we serve. Our mission extends beyond imparting academic excellence; it involves fostering a sense of ethical and social awareness in our students. We actively engage in initiatives that promote environmental sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and community outreach. We encourage our students to become responsible global citizens, instilling values of fairness, integrity, and respect along with a commitment to excellence, value-creation, and happiness. Through these efforts, we strive to not only produce well-rounded youngsters but also contribute to a happier tomorrow and a better world.

Saint Mary's Foundation

Saint Mary’s Foundation is an important channel for us to ensure that deserving students are not stopped by financial constraints from accessing the quality education that we offer at all levels. By doing so without diluting our commitment to maintaining the highest educational standards, the Foundation plays a pivotal role in leveraging academics for societal advancement. While governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, and corporate social responsibility divisions of companies can all contribute to enhancing affordability, we are steadfast in our belief that by focusing on our core strengths and directing our efforts where they can yield the greatest impact, we effectively allocate our limited resources to serve the greater good in school and college education—the areas that resonate with our true purpose. In that sense, Saint Mary’s Foundation amplifies Saint Mary’s Educational Society’s resolute dedication to nation-building by expanding the availability, accessibility, and affordability of quality education.

Navaneeta Public School

Beyond our initiatives through our institutions and the Foundation, the Society also had the privilege of managing the academic operations of Navaneeta Public School, a one-of-a-kind social initiative by the Krishnapatnam Port then, that provided world class residential education to the underprivileged at no cost to the parents. We played a critical role from the design stage to the first four years of its operations, from 2014 to 2018, and it was a great opportunity that we got to make a life-changing difference to hundreds of first-generation learners. St Mary’s Educational Society being entrusted with such a responsibility was clearly a recognition of the Society’s expertise in the field of education and its commitment to social responsibility.