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Saint Mary's Educational Society

Founded in 1981 by Mr B Arogya Reddy, the Saint Mary’s Educational Society has been a pioneer in the field of education.

Saint Mary’s Educational Society has systematically spread its wings across the state of Telangana for more than four decades now to ensure access to quality education for a diverse age group across the state.


Years of History






Meet our leaders & Founders. People who made it possible all these years.


Since it’s inception, Saint Mary’s Educational Society believes in and practices, a system that takes learning beyond short-term goals. Living by our vision to “Foster globally recognized educaitonal institutions of enduring greatness”, each of our institutions is driven by a strong team of educators who love to not only teach, but also learn.

Our Institutions

St Mary's Junior College
St Mary's College
Sancta Maria International School
Schola Maria

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